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Joining forces in the Danish market

Two heads are better than one. Ritzau & Enetpulse have joined forces to ensure the highest level of sports data coverage for the Danish media market. Enetpulse is an international company with a strong base in Denmark, which makes joining forces with one of the most trusted sources in Denmark, Ritzau, an obvious next step. "Ritzau is a household name in Denmark, due to more than 150 years of experience, navigating the Danish media market. Their relations, together with our products opens up a whole new market with huge potential" says Simon Skarsholm, Managing Director of Enetpulse. [...]

Rethinking Bulgarian sports coverage

For many years, the heart & soul of Enetpulse has been located in Sofia, Bulgaria. With data collection and an IT development department sitting in the offices in Bulgaria, it has long been on the agenda to expand the services of Enetpulse to also entertain the Bulgarian people. Enetpulse has always been adamant to maintain a strong focus on local sports, as well as global. Striking a deal with the rights holder for the Bulgarian First League in football, was therefore a natural way to go. Nova TV, the biggest media company in Bulgaria reaches far and wide in Bulgaria and the Balkans. T[...]

High demands = high quality

From working with a number of major public medias across Europe, Enetpulse has gathered important knowledge and experience in dealing with the needs of these large organisations. Flexibility, communication and reliable support are key elements in tending to the needs of public media. YLE, the national broadcaster of Finland, is the latest addition to the list of partnerships between Enetpulse and major public media providers. “Enetpulse have amazed us with their service level from early on. We’ve got some amazing products up and running in a really short amount of time. Enetpulse has ta[...]


Ellen Rian NRK Sport, Project Lead

“NRK has 100% faith in the data delivery from Enetpulse. For several years it has been timely and accurate. Any questions are duly dealt with by the Support team.”


Murilo Garavello UOL Brazil, General Manager, Sports Department

“Working with Enetpulse is so easy. They want to make things happen. They understand your needs. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Andy Nelson, General Manager

“Our users rely on to provide the most current information from the world of Tennis. In turn, relies on Enetpulse to provide live scores and game information. The data that Enetpulse provides is an integral part of and we are proud to have them as a partner.”


Tue Lumbye BetXpert, Denmark

“Throughout our cooperation it’s been imperative for us to obtain a distinctness in our platform, and for more than a decade now, Enetpulse have persistently shown great ability in understanding our unique demands. A challenge is never too big for Enetpulse, and they have always been willing to go that extra mile for us.”


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