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Rethinking Bulgarian sports coverage

With Enetpulse strongly situated in the heart of Sofia, nothing makes more sense than to strengthen the partnerships with Bulgarian medias. The deal with the biggest multi-platform media company in Bulgaria, TV Nova, provides the perfect platform for doing exactly this. The agreement between the two companies will deliver a new way of analyzing the Bulgarian football.

For many years, the heart & soul of Enetpulse has been located in Sofia, Bulgaria. With data collection and an IT development department sitting in the offices in Bulgaria, it has long been on the agenda to expand the services of Enetpulse to also entertain the Bulgarian people. Enetpulse has always been adamant to maintain a strong focus on local sports, as well as global. Striking a deal with the rights holder for the Bulgarian First League in football, was therefore a natural way to go.

Nova TV, the biggest media company in Bulgaria reaches far and wide in Bulgaria and the Balkans. The fact that Nova TV invested in rethinking the way that Bulgarians experience live football today, was a main factor in the desire from Enetpulse to make a deal. Being innovative and on the forefront of developments is something that Enetpulse and Nova TV share an ambition to be. It is a match made in heaven and with the launch of a completely new sports show on Nova TV based on the data and statistics from Enetpulse, the partnership is already off to a flying start.

Sales Manager of Enetpulse in Bulgaria, George Fotev says; “From the day I started looking at the Bulgarian media market, Nova TV was the absolute top priority. The tv rights along with their way of innovating the media market in Bulgaria was the perfect match for Enetpulse.”

The office in Bulgaria is where Enetpulse develops new products and collects and verifies most of the sports data. It is only recently that a client relations team has been established in Bulgaria which underlines the huge developments that has happened with Enetpulse over the past few years with a constant flow of new team-members added to the offices around Europe.

“Working closely with our clients is a top-priority and the communication with Nova TV, was beneficial from day-one. We want to move in the same direction and this deal I can only assume, will be the start of a long-lasting relationship”, says Alexander Raykov, Managing Director of Enetpulse Bulgaria.

The aim now is to continue the development and introduce the Bulgarian people to completely new levels of sports coverage, from Football to Skiing - and everything in between.


Enetpulse in collaboration with Huawei Assistant

Enetpulse services has been chosen to be the livesports data provider of Huawei smartphones across Europe. Assistant is pre-installed on all the newly launched device models with the EMUI 10, like Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro and Honor V30. Those devices can upgrade to the latest Assistant version on AppGallery. Other devices with EMUI 9.1 and above can experience HUAWEI Assistant via the Early Bird campaign offered on the official mobile service web page.  Enetpulse will be a content partner for the SmartCare cards on Huawei Assistant which can be reached when swiping to the right. As an intern[...]