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Joining forces in the Danish market

Two of the most trusted companies in the Danish media market joins forces. Ritzau & Enetpulse has partnered up and will provide sports data to the Danish media. With a local presence in Denmark and an international outlook, Enetpulse will together with Ritzau build a new level on top of the Danish market, with sports data of the highest quality.

Two heads are better than one. Ritzau & Enetpulse have joined forces to ensure the highest level of sports data coverage for the Danish media market. Enetpulse is an international company with a strong base in Denmark, which makes joining forces with one of the most trusted sources in Denmark, Ritzau, an obvious next step.

"Ritzau is a household name in Denmark, due to more than 150 years of experience, navigating the Danish media market. Their relations, together with our products opens up a whole new market with huge potential" says Simon Skarsholm, Managing Director of Enetpulse.

Ritzau will expand their coverage massively with the cooperation with Enetpulse and will now have the chance to provide clients with a whole new level of service. Commercial Director at Ritzau, Anders Lind Jørgensen says: "Sport results is important content, that Ritzau provides for a number of printed newspapers. However, the market for digital sports data and livescore is huge and we would like to provide this service to our many media clients. The partnership with Enetpulse is a no-brainer for all parties".

Having almost 20 years of experience in sports data, Enetpulse has a strong infrastructure to service a large variety of clients. With offices located around Europe, today Enetpulse is an international company. However, the strong roots in the Danish soil is nowhere near forgotten. Simon Skarsholm explains: "We are Danish, we have an office in Denmark and the way we conduct our business is Danish. Ritzau and Enetpulse is the perfect match. We get access to a whole new variety of clients all located on our doorstep. We love the idea, that we will be able to meet clients face-to-face on a regular basis and quickly handle any requests that might come".

Sales Manager at Enetpulse, Peter Holst, adds to this: "The Ritzau & Enetpulse cooperation ties in with the recent partnership with Norwegian NTB and provides Enetpulse with a strong local partner to cater for all our clients' needs, making the partnership a truly unique one-shop provider of international and local sports data content"

The local aspect combined with the international focus of Enetpulse means, that the Danish news media market will now be able to add layers on top of all aspects of their sports data coverage. With more than 30 sports covered across the globe, anything from eSport to horse racing and football data is now available on a daily basis for the Scandinavian market.


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