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Great news for Norwegian sports fans

An exclusive partnership between NTB (Norwegian News Agency) and Enetpulse, will take the sports data coverage for the Norwegian market to a whole new level.

With 18 years of experience in providing international sports data, Enetpulse is on a never-ending quest to secure the best customer experience possible. During this period, Enetpulse has built a strong position in the Nordics and Scandinavia.

This deal adds a new level on top of the existing one, with a dedicated partner in Norway to take even better care of the clients in Norway. The deal will see NTB take over the direct contact with the existing clients in Norway, while the two companies will be working together with an aim of becoming the exclusive provider of sports data for medias in Norway.

“It is with great pride that we at Enetpulse will expand our reach in Norway through NTB, while at the same time provide a better service for our existing clients. For many years, Enetpulse has had some excellent partnerships with Norwegian medias. This deal with NTB makes sure that we have a dedicated, local partner to the Norwegian medias. We want to always give our clients the best possible experience and with NTB as an exclusive partner, we will achieve just that” says Simon Skarsholm, Managing Director of Enetpulse.

The deal allows NTB to add international sports to their coverage. With an incredibly strong focus on the local sports of Norway, a strong, international provider has been the missing piece in the puzzle. With Enetpulse, NTB will be able to take the coverage up a notch and go to the Norwegian market with an unmatched product of both local and international focus.

“The time for looking in the sports section of the newspaper, for yesterday’s results is almost over. Today it is all online and preferably during the game or right after it has finished. This places a high demand on us as a provider, both in terms of speed and scope of the coverage. With this deal, we will take our offering to a completely new level” says Director of Services at NTB, Tina Mari Flem.

To ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of the existing clients, the process will take place step-by-step starting in January 2019.


Rethinking Bulgarian sports coverage

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