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High demands = high quality

Enetpulse and YLE, the national broadcaster of Finland has begun a new partnership. The agreement will see Enetpulse become the main provider of the broadcaster in Finland. The partnership has already gotten off to a flying start with a number of interesting projects already commenced across the platforms of YLE.

From working with a number of major public medias across Europe, Enetpulse has gathered important knowledge and experience in dealing with the needs of these large organisations. Flexibility, communication and reliable support are key elements in tending to the needs of public media. YLE, the national broadcaster of Finland, is the latest addition to the list of partnerships between Enetpulse and major public media providers.

Enetpulse have amazed us with their service level from early on. We’ve got some amazing products up and running in a really short amount of time. Enetpulse has taken care of everyone of our needs in an amazingly short response time” says Jyri Kivimäki, News Editor at YLE Sport.

Exactly the attention to getting things up and running quickly is a key focus area for Enetpulse. Peter Holst, Sales Manager at Enetpulse states: “For these big media companies, speed and reliability are key aspects. It is often a big decision and a long-drawn process to change your provider of sports data and a lot of people rely on the service that you deliver. Therefore, it is absolutely key for us to be fast, thorough and flexible in providing the exactly right solution for our clients”.

With a market share in Finland of upwards 50% and more than 3.000 employees, YLE is a giant in the Scandinavian market and as such there is bound to be a list of very specific requirements to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

“We had a very demanding list of needs that other companies were having a hard time to offer. Enetpulse could fulfill all of our needs - fast and reliably. Enetpulse is very customer-oriented in their approach - if you have a problem, they can probably fix it” Kivimäki says.

Following this, Peter Holst says: “It is important to Enetpulse to be attentive to the needs of the specific client, rather than putting everything in boxes. The case of working with YLE has been a great learning experience as they provided useful feedback and were very constructive all the way through. That’s what we like - to build our solution around the client, not the other way around.”

The deal is already in place an the Finnish people have already seen the first of Enetpulse and YLE’s new partnership - with much more to come in the coming period.


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